Whenever a person reaches a law firm to learn about defending a DUI case always asks a question ‘what can I do to increase my chances for winning a case?’ This is a very genuine and important question. Fighting a case is not a one-way effort but it is a two way effort between the lawyer and the client. If the client is willing and makes the effort to get some good evidence of the records that are required then that will surely strengthen the case for DUI defense in Brampton. All good lawyers know what information is going to help them in a court hearing and how to find them. Here is what you can do to help out your lawyer when an incident happens:

    • Reach the lawyer as soon as possible after the incident and write out a narrative on what happened
    • Mention everything from the time that you woke up
    • This also includes the food that you ate and the time
    • Time, place and amount for drinking
    • People around you
    • Place you purchased your alcohol, give the receipts
    • Construct a time line if possible
    • Third opinion from people who were with you during the arrest
    • Get some people who can testify for your case
    • Go to AA meetings on your own initiative

Why you need to prepare a narrative?

This could be quite cumbersome for those who do not like to take the patience and write everything that has happened to them. Nevertheless this is a very important document which comes from the client because it can help them in many ways we cannot think of. Sometimes a minute detail like the food you ate could come to your defense and save you from a heavy fine. The more details you add to the sheet, you will create more possibilities of defending yourself from the penalties and getting more in trouble. They are all strategically used when the court hearing takes place. Each negotiation is handled like a game of cards where you toss a card only when you know you have to take a move. These difficult instances are what these lawyers are trained to do and that is all you can do to contribute to the case. Secondly, you have to do this immediately after the incident because it is fresh in your mind. When this happens after a week or longer, then these details become more and more vague. It is natural to lose the facts while you are writing if some time has been passed. Furthermore, if you know you had a coworker or somebody who was with you while you were driving then that person could greatly benefit your chances of being defended because there is a witness that cannot be challenged. This is called a sobriety witness, and they can identify those people who had seen you as well, or even write a written witness statement.

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