You heard someone got convicted of driving under influence in Brampton? Unfortunately this new law about people younger than 22 has brought a shock to youngsters. If you even have a drop of alcohol in your body and that shows it on the instrument then you are definitely charged for suspension and fine. It could get a lot worse and the only thing you can do is be nice and hope you get the least charges possible. If you are driving and you get caught on the way, there is no way you are taking your car because driving gets immediately suspended for the driver under influence. Drugs are definitely against the law but drinking too is no longer acceptable for younger people. This is all because statistics show that most of the car accidents that happen due to intoxication comes from people who are younger than 22. The law have become so strict that you cannot even sit on the driver’s seat if you are under influence. This is true, because there should be no reason for you to sit in a driver’s seat when you are slightly drunk. This cannot be negotiated, so now you have to prepare your mind for your first conviction DUI in Brampton.

How to avoid this:

When you are returning from an occasion that was just perfect and had the right drinks to make it a lot more fun, you definitely are tempted to be somewhat drunk. The law does not stop you from drinking, in fact you can have as much delight as possible while you are having a good time because that is why you are there. There is no problem with being a little drunk if you are not in the car, especially in the driving seat. The problem with the new law is that you should not even sit on the driver’s seat if you have some alcohol content in your body. The instrument will catch a whiff easily, even when you do not feel drunk. So here is what you do:

    • Find someone to help you drive home
    • Walk home
    • Get a cab
    • Take a rest or stay over for the night
    • Drive really slow



It is strongly suggested that you avoid driving the car because the loss is too great for being convicted for driving while you have alcohol in your blood. Naturally the charges are non-negotiable and you will not have a chance to place your car in a safe place. In fact your car could get impounded for up to 45 days which is dreadful for someone who is dependent on a car. This is how strict Brampton is about driving under influence and you can easily avoid that by not driving when you have some drinks. Instead, try to act natural and wait till it goes away no matter how long it takes for you to recover. You can study more about reducing the BAC level so that you can manage these sloppy situations well.

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