Do you need a Criminal Defence Lawyer?


Hiring a Criminal Defence lawyer can be a big investment, but it is one that you need to seriously consider if you are facing a criminal charge.  There are various things that need to be taken into consideration before you decide that can face a judge for yourself.


There are various reasons that people feel they can pass on having a criminal lawyer, but few of them are actually valid reasons.  Some of the common misconceptions that revolve around criminal trials include:

    • No Jail Times – Sometime the prosecutor will come to you and tell you they are not seeking jail time for your crime, but they can’t make this guarantee, at the end of the day it is up to the judge.
    • Misdemeanors – Many associate the term with less serious crimes that don’t matter, but they can carry up to a full year of jail time.
    • Public Defence – While there are some promising public lawyers out there, most public firms are overworked and understaffed.


If you are facing a criminal charge you should put serious consideration on getting a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton to defend you.

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