Illicit drug use is no longer a marginal phenomenon. It is estimated that there are more than a million regular users in France. It is scarier when you know the effects of driving under the influence of narcotics.
The effects of the consumption of drug-impaired driving are assimilated to those of alcohol to a certain extent. The “harder” drugs (heroin, cocaine…) which causes an over-stimulation and/or a very marked “hovering” effect which opposed obviously the mastery of driving. Certain drugs such as ecstasy temporarily result in a State of arousal and excitement which masks fatigue. They induce a false sense of assurance, of invulnerability and self control. They increase catches of risk and may cause some irrational behavior at the wheel. But the more insidious effects are certainly due to cannabis. Described as a soft drug, cannabis use is widespread among young people. Get a DUI Lawyer now, visit DUI Lawyer to get more information about our Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol in Ontario.

Its effects are less spectacular, so often wagered. However, cannabis impairs vision, hearing, and coordination capacities. Reaction time lengthens, the capacity control trajectory is dropping and the response in an emergency situation is deteriorating. Certain types of cannabis with a high content in active principles can cause real drunkenness. Worse still, mixing cannabis and alcohol multiplies the risk factors.
It is mandatory if a fatal accident occurred or having caused injuries, but possible in the following cases:

-an accident at any traffic.
-of offence to the Highway policy to a penalty of suspension of the licence,
-for speeding.
-of non-use of the safety belt or of the helmet,.
-When there is one or more reasons to suspect that the driver made use of drugs even in the absence of offence.

During a police check, the police uses the breathalyzer test to determine blood alcohol. For driving under the influence of controlled narcotics, things are complicated and are carried out in two stages. First a urinary or salivary test is conducted, which, if it proves to be positive, will result to a blood test.
A positive blood test indicates that the apprehended person has used cannabis in the last four hours and that it is therefore still under influence.

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