In 2008, more than 10% of drivers responsible for a fatal accident were under the influence of narcotics. The risk is multiplied by 2 for cannabis use.

Article L.235-1 of the highway code states that any person driving a vehicle when the result of a blood test showed that he or she made use of substances or plants classified as narcotics is punishable by two years imprisonment and 4,500 euro fine. Additional penalties also exist: suspension or cancellation of the licence; sentence of community service; obligation to carry out a road safety awareness course, etc.

Drug use is therefore forbidden. The driver under the influence of drugs and that the consumption of prohibited substances has impeded or disturbed his conduct. Get a DUI Lawyer now, visit DUI Brampton to get more information about our Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol in Ontario.

The Government has made the fight against driving under the influence of narcotics a priority. The initial screening can be performed using a urinary or salivary test.

Since the last quarter of 2008, the police and other forces have saliva drug screening kits. The possibilities of control are wide:

• If the driver is involved in a fatal traffic accident;

• If the driver is involved in an accident any traffic;

When the driver is the alleged perpetrator of any of the punishable offences to the highway code of the penalty of suspension of driving licences, or relating to vehicle speed, to the port of the safety belt or of the helmet, or there are against one or more plausible reasons to suspect that he did use drugs.

In case of positive screening, the driver must submit to a blood test. It is under immediate retention of his driver’s license.

It should be noted that drugs, alcohol consumption is strongly implemented: up to 3 years of imprisonment and 9,000 euro fine.

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