Ever thought about a way of getting away with ‘driving under influence’? No person of the law is going to tell you but if you are not totally under influence then you might just have a way out of this mess. A good party always has some alcohol, and you cannot enjoy it fully without having some alcohol content in your body. The problem comes out when you come under that influence and that starts to become really obvious when you are behind the wheel. There are some things that you should know about DUI in Brampton because the law just got stricter:

    • If you are under influence and sitting behind the wheel, then you are violating a law, even when the car is turned off
    • If you are under 22, your BOC should be 0 and not more
    • If alcohol content in your body is detected then you are given automatic 24 hour suspension from driving with immediate effect
    • Upon conviction:
    • You could get a 30 day suspension
    • Up to a $500 fine
    • You might lose your license
    • You might have to give time in jail

Reasons for such restrictions

Restrictions by law are there just to minimize the threat of accidents and it has been noted that people under the age of 22 are most common among these drug offenders. So if there is any hint of alcohol, you would have to take a smarter decision and avoid the problem. Even if you have graduated a license, that does not mean that your chances of getting a fine is less because the law is serious about it.
Ways to avoid DUI in Brampton
If you really want to drive and still stay out of trouble then the safest way is to drive slow and on the slowest lane. This will keep you covered for a while unless you start driving awkwardly. If you are too drunk, then you have to get/hire a driver at that moment to drive you home. This is going to cost you but it will cost a lot less than any fine that is going to be charged to you. Finally, think out a safe route strategy where police patrols are less common and act as if you are perfectly fine. Avoid getting to conscious, but if you get caught then there is no way out. Do not even think about running away from police cars because their engines are tuned to chase cars. If all else fails then you have to call for a cab and get your way out of there. Staying over could be a better idea if it possible for you but this is how you should plan accordingly. Once you are over 22 years of age then you can afford some level of alcohol in your body but it is not really advised to risk such a thing. Perhaps you can find a way to reduce alcohol content in your body in a short time.




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