There are quite a few ways you can make yourself out of a DUI case when you get caught. There is no formula but if you follow these methods then you could save yourself from huge penalties. These advices are given by professional lawyers who have been running on these cases for a long time and have succeeded. They have all these tips on mind when they are getting a narrative prepared by you or your colleagues and witnesses. These points can help you too in preparing a witness statement or a narrative much later. Here is what you need to know when you fight DUI with a lawyer:

    • See if the Breathalyzer is working properly
    • Your teeth could carry some alcohol that gives wrong readings of your actual alcohol content
    • Heartburn, acid reflux or GERD can alter the effects of alcohol in your blood and show a wrong result on a Breathalyzer
    • A high protein diet or Atkins diet plan could wrongly show that you have a high BAC level
    • Rising blood alcohol effect happens during the test, this happens right after driving
    • You may need to take another test for accurate readings
    • A trained technician has to take your blood sample otherwise is a legal violation
    • The breathing instrument needs to be properly calibrated
    • The police must have a good reason to stop your car
    • The officer has to remind you of your Miranda rights
    • Innocent physical symptoms may be wrongly interpreted by the police


How to make use of these points

These points are mostly always present in the mind of a lawyer. If you can think like one then you will have a major benefit of making use of that knowledge. You will know what to observe whenever you are being caught by the police and are asked to do a test. You may remain silent and observe and retain everything that comes to your mind. This kind of information will be essential when you will be preparing a written statement about your witness and experience with the police. If you know your rights well then it will get very difficult for the police to intimidate you with their rules and strictness. Likewise, you will also be more prepared about your medical condition whatever it may be if it is related to alcoholic condition in your blood. Time to time, when you feel that you are getting tipsythen you should know that you need a glass of water and some dry items to eat so that the alcohol content is reduced. You can also refuse to take the test if you have a good reason, like the technician not being available to take the test when required. You can also consult for more cases with your lawyer who has worked in similar cases, which is a great idea to be prepared.

Where to find this?

You will find all these details from any law firm or from the same law firm where you found your lawyer. You can get much better guidance from them the next time there is a DUI problem.

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