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Successfully defending clients in impaired driving cases requires expert knowledge, courtroom savvy and the ability to work well with all the people involved. Here are comments from several of Jonathan Lapid’s clients.

  • “case had to be thrown out”
    …I am glad I went for experience. When the Crown offered a super deal on the night before the trial and you thought something was up and advised me to reject it, I was concerned. But the officer in charge didn’t show up the next day at court and the case had to be thrown out, I realized how important a good lawyer can be.
    B. Ria, Mississauga
  • “avoid criminal record”
    …you suggested that I consider working out a deal to reduce my license suspension, but thank you for also insisting that going to trial was better for me to avoid the criminal record … I had no doubt that you would get me off the charges…thank you
    J. Gallingo, Brampton
  • “Charter of Rights”
    As the CEO of a major international corporation, it was important for me to find the right candidate to defend my son’s Over 80 charge. When we attended at your office, my instinct suggested that you were the right man for the job … my instinct was correct. I’m not sure what you filed with the court … something about the Charter of Rights … but it sure got the Crown Attorney to drop the charge very quickly… Thank you
    I. Moxny (father), Oakville
  • “reducing my suspension”
    …with my high readings, I was sure I was going straight to jail. I can’t thank you enough. Not only did you keep me out of jail, but reducing my suspension to only 3 months was a bonus I didn’t expect.
    M. Degitani, Newmarket
  • “get on with my life”
    Now I can go back to school and get on with my life. Fair price, good payment plan and he won. This lawyer is amazing.
    D. Salvi, Hamilton
  • “loophole on the roadside machine”
    …thanks for finding that loophole on the roadside machine. I am staying out of trouble. Hope not to see you soon if you know what I mean.
    J. Seville, Orangeville
  • “toxicologist worked wonders”
    I am amazed at how you convinced the Crown to give me a Careless (charge) instead of the Over 80. Your strategy of hiring the toxicologist worked wonders…I’m sure you will see more clients from Muskoka…
    B. MacDonald, Bracebridge
  • “save my job”
    Thank you Mr. Jonathan for the good case for me. Price was good and you save my job. Now I drive and make money.
    S. Singh, Brampton
  • “mountains out of molehills”
    Mr Lapid, you were incredibly brilliant. You were honest with me. You told me I had no case. Yet you still found a way to win by making mountains out of molehills. Great job.
    R. Pickett, Oshawa
  • “police lying”
    …he won my case by showing that the police were lying.
    R. Jaram, Brampton
  • “no jail”
    This lawyer is the real deal. I had two other drinking and driving convictions and he got me no jail. I’ve used other lawyers before, but he’s the best by a longshot.
    A. I., Scarborough
  • “aggressive and strong.”
    When my 19 year old son was charged with Over 80, I wasn’t sure we could win so it might not be worth the money to fight it. But in the end, you were aggressive and strong. You impressed the judge and we won!
    R. Mollina (father), Brampton
  • “you convinced the judge.”
    I was really worried when my husband was charged with being impaired and resisting arrest. He speaks Korean so he didn’t understand much of what you said. But he could tell that you convinced the judge and we were so happy when we won.
    D. Park (wife), Thornhill
  • “knows his stuff”
    My readings were very high so I thought I was dead in the water! Jonathan Lapid said he would help me stay out of jail and possibly get me off on a technicality. That’s exactly what happened. He really knows his stuff.
    J. B, Brampton
  • “definitely worth the money
    My case went on for years. We kept asking for adjournments and I was worried because the costs were adding up. In the end we used an expert toxicologist and we won! It was definitely worth the money.I need my driver’s licence.
    E. Vrckovnic. Mississauga
  • “Thanks for your help, Jonathan.”
    Things were not looking good for me at all. Everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong. The judge, crown attorney and the police officer did not seem to like me that day. Until Jonathan found a technicality and got the whole case thrown out. Thanks for your help, Jonathan.
    A. P, Newmarket
  • “you are the best in the business”
    As a Firefighter who drove the truck each day, I would lose my job with a criminal record and a driving suspension. For me to just get a Highway Traffic Act conviction instead of an Over 80 conviction was a miracle. Jonathan Lapid had the Crown and Judge eating from his hands. Thanks, Jonathan, you are the best in the business.
    S. D, Oshawa
  • “able to keep my life”
    A few months ago the odds of me keeping my licence and being able to keep my job were slim to none. Impaired Driving and Over 80 was the trouble I got myself into. Jon Lapid worked his magic in that courtroom as if it was his second home. He made the judge listen and presented my case in a way I could never dream of. I have Jon to thank for being able to keep by life.
    A. C, Brampton
  • “deep and convincing”
    Yes, I had been drinking. Yes, I was driving, and yes, I was looking at jail time. If I went to jail, I would lose everything – my job, my wife, my kids and my house. I pled guilty and waited for the worst . . . but not with Mr. Lapid at my side. He was so deep and convincing about my personal life and the problems I was going through, that there wasn’t a dry eye in that courtroom. I walked out of court that day with just a fine. My wife and I want to thank you, Mr. Lapid.
    D. C, Orangeville.
  • “An amazing payment plan”
    When I got myself into big trouble, the first thing that came to my head was where am I going to get the money for a lawyer? My prayers were answered when I met Jonathan. He set up an amazing payment plan that was affordable to my budget.
    S. Corbett, Brampton.

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