There is nothing more dreadful than being caught by the police for having some alcohol content in your body. It is true that the laws have gotten a lot stricter and it would raise questions why young people who are under 22 are being targeted here. Drugs under influence while driving is becoming a growing concern and now recent studies are claiming that such young people are most likely be a part of regular accidents that happen across the country. Now there is going to be zero tolerance for younger drivers to have any alcohol content in their blood. If you want to be on the driving seat safe from any tickets or suspension from driving then you have to do something with that alcohol in your body. There is no sure-shot way to get away with this but you can always avoid driving when you can. You must know that there are severe penalties if you are seen on the driving seat while still on drugs or alcohol. Here is what happens:

    • You lose your license
    • Your car gets impounded
    • You get an immediate driving suspension
    • You will have to pay a fine or spend time in jail


What you should do?

There is no telling about the magnitude of these penalties but you will have to try your best to stay away from this because once you get caught, there is no way out of these penalties. It is now effective and happening everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes out for this kind of trouble and never think about escaping the chase. The police is told to be strict about this, so let’s say that you got drunk and you need to drive home safely. You can drive slowly or just walk home, but if your car has to go as well, then you need to know a little bit about alcohol content in your blood. Usually people drink after or before dinner, so you should eat those things that absorb alcohol. Take starchy foods and then continue to have bread-based items and fruits so that there is less alcohol in your blood. Finally, water is a great agent for reducing alcohol content in your body and you can also have some rest before you head out to drive. All of these will collectively reduce your alcohol content to a minimum. You definitely have to stay away from drugs any time before driving. If you get this done then you are mostly safe from getting caught. Perhaps you can buy yourself one of those instruments that measure alcohol content by a Breathalyzer. That alone will tell if you are fit to go or not. Once you are over 22 years of age, then you can afford to have about 0.05 BAC.


There are not many ways to remain a little bit drunk and still get to drive. If this ever happens then call a friend who can drive you home, or you will have to get a cab. Either way, the driving seat could be treacherous for you.


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