DUI charges in Brampton are getting off the roof, especially the rule that is being applied to people who are under 22 years of age. Unfortunately there are a large number of car accidents which happen due to people in that age bracket who were also tipsy. It often happens whenever they have had a drink and they are less experienced when they are on the road. Such tolerance is no longer there in Canada and now these drivers have to have no alcohol content in their body when they are sitting on the driver’s seat. This rule has surely reduced the number of car crashes but also compromised the quality of life. Nevertheless there are certain ways you can defend you or escape the problem entirely. All it takes is some knowledge and planning.

Points to remember

There are many things a lawyer would know when looking at your narrative statement or learning about the incident where you got convicted of driving under influence. There is no reason to feel bad because you do not know everything that is happening. Here are some points that a lawyer looks at:

    • Was the police officer trained to handle a Breathalyzer
    • Did you give the test immediately after driving?
    • There is some alcohol present around the teeth which gives a wrong reading to the Breathalyzer
    • Innocent symptoms like redness of the eyes could be wrongly interpreted
    • High radio frequency interference could alter the BAC levels in the blood
    • If you are not exhibiting any signs of mental impairment then you are not DUI
    • DUI BAC is no litmus test for alcoholic driving
    • You weren’t driving when you were caught
    • Police misconduct will come in your favor when defending your case
    • You may be medically impaired due to some reason which also wrongly reflects on the Breathalyzer


These details will cover a lot of things that could come in favor of the arguments that will come in your defense. This will only come when you jointly work with your criminal lawyer and discuss every little detail that happened. The best way to do this is to approach your lawyer as quickly as possible after the incident. That way you will have a fresh memory and a lot to write when you start writing the narrative of the story or scene. You can also involve a colleague who was with you while you were driving. They witness statement can greatly help you, considering the fact that the other person was convinced that you were not DUI.

How to prepare yourself?

The best way to prepare yourself is to keep these points in mind and know your rights. Knowing the law is boring and tough but you should utilize your lawyer to teach you how law should be understood. They can put everything in common English for you to understand quickly and remember how to use it when you are being inspected. Finally, always be confident when you already have a lawyer working at your back.

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