Ever felt that you just woke up from a nightmare? Well this is the other way around and it is definitely not worth risking, no matter what the temptation. You will be waking up to a nightmare when you realized you have just been convicted of driving under influence in Brampton and there is nothing you can do about it. There are no second chances and definitely no chance of negotiating your way out. The law is quite clear about this, if you are under alcohol influence then you will get your driving suspended for at least a day. You might get your car impounded for a few weeks and the list is quite painful to read. They can charge you:

    • A penalty of up to $500
    • Lose your license
    • Put you in jail


When you are getting drunk

These penalties are way too much to bear when you already face the trouble of walking home with no car for days. When you are getting drunk, there is no one to stop you and everything looks legal. As long as you are not consuming drugs, you will be fine and within the limits of the law. If you get too drunk then you are better off having some rest or staying over for the night. If you cannot stay over for the night, then the hardest part is to leave your car. Only if one of your friends is not drunk can drive you home which is less common because everyone is having a good time. Instead you can get a cab or maybe walk somewhere safe or nearby to spend the night. These are all smart choices because those who get caught face penalties that make them regret a long time, let alone shame to creep in. So whenever you are getting drunk, you have to keep a backup plan just in case otherwise you will have to sleep on the streets.

When you get convicted?

If you want to know when you get convicted, it is quite straightforward. You just have to stay away from the driving seat as much as possible. Anyone who is impaired should not even sit on the driver’s seat even when the car is turned off. That sounds unfair but it is how the law is going to handle things and youngsters are easy targets. These youngsters better not be under 22 years of age because that is where law enforcements are particularly strict. They are responsible for most accidents and hence you get convicted. Nevertheless, you can avoid them and keep a backup plan always. Maybe a close friend could pick you and help you out of a bad night like that. If you have no choice and you are willing to take the risk then you might as well drive the car slow enough where you can maintain control without looking drunk. You can learn more about this law online and see what other ways you can avoid getting convicted.

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