It is bad news for youngsters out there, especially those who are under 22 years of age. A new law speaks out for drivers who are under influence of alcohol and they are under 22 years. The point of 22 years is taken in to account because this is the age where most of the victims come out when car accidents happen. This lot is being minimized by discouraging DUI in Brampton for them. Those who are convicted of driving while there is alcohol present in their blood face consequences that are just not worth the fun. Even if you think you can get away with low speed driving could get you in trouble. The reason is that now you cannot even sit on the driver’s seat when you are under influence of alcohol. It is high time that we educate ourselves about this law and we abide by it before something worse happens. Abiding does not mean that you stop partying, it is just that you have to be smart about it.

How to play smart:

Do you know a friend who does not like to drink? Do you know a friend who would drive you all the way home and also head home? These invaluable services are unheard of, but if you have these are backup plans then keep it with you. A good party always has some drinks and you cannot avoid the temptation. You might as well have some fun while it lasts. The problem comes out when it is time to head for home and you know you have taken some alcohol already. This is where useful advice comes in:



    • Keep some money with you for emergency
      • Like taking a cab home
      • Like paying a driver who would drive you home
      • Like paying off the fine in case you get caught
      • Avoid drinking
      • Drink barely enough to last an hour and then move out
      • Take a walk

What if you get caught?

This is a dark question that would haunt all youngsters in the neighborhood. There are crazy consequences for these offences and you just have to know before you get a shock. Firstly, you will immediately get suspended from driving for about 24 hours which happens regardless. Secondly, there is some chance you will have to pay a fee or spend some time in jail. Thirdly, they could take your license and impound your vehicle for weeks. Would you be willing to take that kind of penalty just for a bit of fun? Here is what serious people do. They avoid the trouble by not drinking too much and they always come with a backup plan. Even walking home is a good idea and then perhaps halfway through you can get a cab who will charge you lesser for the way home. In all cases, you will have to stay alert and control your temptations because being too drunk will get you nowhere.



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